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Ali Happer

Lifestyle Commercial & Portrait Photographer


Hi! I'm Ali & I love taking photos, but you already knew that.

Nothing inspires me more than a conversation with a person who is passionate about something. Creating something. Being a mother. Owning a business. Being in love. Making a difference. Conversations with people like that make my dreams come alive & mostly - they make me want to be a part of their story. I find I create my best work when I'm collaborating, instead of just being hired to take photos. Relationship & community first. Photos second.
I naturally shoot with a documentary style, but my favourite images are ones that are orchestrated in a natural way. I love timeless portraits & find joy in work that is meaningful - has a purpose - exists beyond itself. I want to produce content that will last beyond an instagram post & means more than getting likes.

Beyond taking photos - I'm a Canadian girl, married to an American boy. We met in Australia, fell in love on Bondi Beach & currently have our roots growing in the heart of America. Kansas City will always be home to us, but we travel a lot. We plan our trips last minute & often find the best coffee shops before we find a place to stay.
I love being in a city, but find the most rest by the ocean. If it's mint flavored, I'll eat it. I sing along to every song & treat my friends more like family. I try to be barefoot as much as possible. I'm salty over sweet & summer over winter. I'm an enneagram 9 & value quality time more than anything else. I trust in Jesus & truly believe that I'm better because of Him. 

If you want to know more, or think that we'd be best friends, I'd love to grab coffee & make some beautiful images together.
Send me an email or come say hi!


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