Hi! I'm Ali & I love taking photos, but you already knew that.
I can't quite remember when I first picked up a camera, but I do remember taking photos & anxiously awaiting their return from the photo lab at the grocery store. I was lucky enough to learn how to develop my own film & that taught me the value of intentional moments. When I was in high school my dad let me take out his digital camera & I was so captivated by this idea that I could take as many photos as I wanted & later decide which I liked best. I took that camera everywhere. Every time I hung out with my friends, every trip we went on, to summer camp, out into the backyard after the rain. I just wanted to remember everything I did & saw. I wanted to hold onto moments that I might forget someday. 
A few years later I moved across the ocean where I met a man who believed in me more than anyone I had ever met. We fell in love on Bondi Beach & got married in 2012. Before I knew it, friends were getting married & asking me to take their photos. I'm not sure in why in the world they thought I was capable, but I did it. & I loved it. 

So here I am. Taking photos for people who want to hold onto memories. Giving you an opportunity to hold onto images that show the real, everyday you. The messy, the in between, not staged moments. That's where I thrive. Helping you break down walls that say 'I'm not photogenic, I'm so awkward!' & embracing the moment. I love making memories with you & documenting them along the way.

When I'm not shooting, I'm generally drinking a flat white in a coffee shop with Nate. I am a homebody who knows the lyrics to way too many songs, loves a good deep & meaningful conversation, trusts in Jesus & most of all, keeps crossing cities off my [ever-growing] list with my husband

If you want to know more, or think that we'd be best friends, I'd love to grab coffee & make some beautiful images together.
Send me an email or come say hi!

*photo by Lance Flores*



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