Hi! I'm Ali & I'm so glad you found me!
I'm a wedding & portrait photographer, but really I come alive when I get to take photos of people who are in love. In love with their person, with their job, with their family. I live to capture moments, give you memories to hold onto & hang up on your wall.

I love people. I want to get to know YOU. I don't want to fill a role or just complete a task.  I'm the person you spend the most time with on your wedding day. I'm the person who gets in your space while you're making out with your babe. I'm the person you'll want to be the most comfortable with, so you can let your guard down & I can give you the best photos.

In real life, I am a small town Canadian girl, married to a small town American boy. We met & fell in love in Australia & got married two years later. After a few years of figuring out where to plant ourselves, we found ourselves in Kansas City! 

When I'm not shooting you'll find me somewhere drinking a flat white, probably catching up with friends at a coffee shop.  I am a total homebody who knows the lyrics to way too many songs, loves a good deep & meaningful with my friends, trusts in Jesus & most of all, keeps crossing cities off my [ever-growing] list with my husband

If you want to know more, or think that we'd be best friends, I'd love to grab coffee & make some beautiful images.
Send me an email or come say hi!

*photo by Lance Flores*