q- Do you travel?

a- Yes. Yes we do. Some of our favorite weddings & events are when we travel, because there’s something refreshing about shooting somewhere you’ve never been. Traveling inspires us in a beautiful way. We will add travel expenses to your cost, which usually includes two airfares, a rental car [if necessary] & at least two night stay accommodation. 

q- Do you do wedding videos as well? 

a - Nope. We do not. But we do know some great videographers you can hire!

q- What about just taking some video throughout the day here & there? 

a- Sorry. We like doing one thing & doing it well.

q- I’m so awkward in front of the camera, what do I do?

a- Good news, you’re not alone. Our goal is to help you have fun & be yourself. Don’t feel like you need to look a certain way, or be a supermodel. Laugh. Wear your favorite outfit. Tell us funny stories. Take us to your favorite places & do your favorite things. Get to know us. When you’re real & we connect, the results are the best.

q- I have a bunch of photos that I love that I want you to take, can I send them to you?

a- Sure! If the photos show the vibe of your wedding & are in the types of locations we’ll be at, that will be great. We will not replicate any photos, or try to be like someone else. If you want to hire us, then please let us do what we do best. :)

q- Do you think 30 minutes will be enough time to take photos?

a- Generally no. The more time we have, the more time you have to relax & be comfortable. Nobody wants to rush around & feel pressured to get a beautiful photo.
On another note, family photos are way easier if you have a list of the names of family members required for each photo. That way we can make sure Aunt Sally doesn’t get missed. If you can’t make a list, please have someone on hand who can help wrangle everyone. Brides, that does not mean you :)

q- What is a first look & do you suggest it? I don't want to ruin the 'aisle' moment.

a - We absolutely love having time for a first look, it takes a lot of pressure off after the ceremony & before the reception. It is also one of our favorite moments to capture. And from our experience, it doesn’t make that ‘walking down the aisle’ moment any less special. It is a beautiful & intimate time together,  just the two of you. 


q- I have like a million questions for you, can we sit down & talk?

a- Absolutely. The last thing we want is for you to be confused & overwhelmed about where we’re going to be & how long it’s going to take. If you’re local, lets get coffee. If you’re not, we love a good Skype chat. We can help you plan out schedules, best locations & time of day & most of all, how we work.


q- Do I need to have a place setting for you for the reception?

a- Yes. We require two seats & two meals. It doesn’t matter who we sit with, we generally don’t stay at the table very long.


q- I’m dying to see my photos, how much longer!?

a- We typically try to send you a handful of photos in the week after the wedding. After that you’ll see a teeny little box with a USB inside in your mailbox about 4-6 weeks after your day. It’s all in the contract. Please read it. All of it :)


q- You guys are married right? Have you ever gotten into an argument at a wedding?

a- Nope. Actually, wedding days are usually the easiest part of working together. We have a goal & we both work our butts off to accomplish it. We think we’re a good team.

q- Do you know anyone or have suggestions who does __________? [wedding coordinator, calligrapher, musician, dj, florist, etc]

a- Yes! We have worked with many & have a few that we would definitely recommend! Most in the KC area, but some elsewhere around the world :)


q- What exactly does lifestyle mean?

a- It means we let you live your life & we capture it. We like going places to take photos & making a day of it. We like you both to feel comfortable & have photos of you doing things that make you who you are. It means building a relationship & being more than just a vendor. It means bringing us into your life & along the journey. When you show us who you are, that’s when we do our best work.

q- Do you do anything other than weddings?

a- Yes! We photograph events, families, portraits, campaigns.. We just love taking photos. 
In addition to that, Nate is a film maker. He documents & directs anything from concerts & tours to music videos & ads. With the exception of weddings. [see question #2] & not to brag, but I think he's really good :)