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Ali Happer

Lifestyle Wedding & Portrait Photographer

Hi! I'm Ali & I love taking photos, but you already knew that.

When I was young I used photos as my personal memory bank. I took photos to remember trips I took, things I did with my friends, my family. I never wanted to forget how I felt in those moments. Before I knew it, people started asking me to do the same for them.
So here I am, doing that everyday for people, families & brands. & I love it more than anything else I've ever done. Dark shadows, the way the light hits & the in between moments are all by far my favourite part of creating a photograph. 

I am most inspired by the person in front of me. That's you. Mother. Wife. Maker. Business owner. Lover. Creator.
Getting to be a part of your story & encourage you to do what you love is my greatest joy.

Things that don't really matter but people like to know:

+ I'm a Canadian girl married to an American boy. We met & fell in love in Australia & currently live in the heart of America.
+ I'm happiest in the city or at the ocean.
+ *will drive out of the way for a very good latte*
+ I sing-a-long to almost every song. 
+ salty over sweet every time. chips are life. 
+ quality time & real conversations.
+ fresh mint flavored anything & I'm in.
+ family & relationships are my most prized possession.
+ enneagram 9 - i'm an easygoing peacemaker.
+ I've been to 4 continents & would love to hit at least 2 more [asia & south america, that's you.]
+ on a mission to have more plants than anything else in my home.
+ I'm just an introverted people person :) 

Read some more about my behind the scenes, everyday life on my personal blog. My husband & I love to travel & share our experiences with you. We love to document & keep our memories stored somewhere.
We need to print more photos, but can't win them all right? See some of my favourite posts below...