Although my pricing is listed below, I never want you to think you can’t afford to work with me. I love people & want you to feel valued. Reach out. Tell me your dreams. I’m always willing to start the conversation.


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start at $2800

I love to get in your world, connect over favorite bands, dream vacations or drink orders. I spend a lot of your wedding day feeling like an extra bridesmaid & often leave feeling like family. If I’m going to spend more hours with you on your wedding day than anyone else, we better like each other.


This is a broad category, covering personal brand photos, products & online content, but all of my photos have a lifestyle approach to them. Some of my favorite & best work has come from partnering with entrepreneurs, business owners & creatives. It becomes a collaboration & we get to create together.
Please inquire directly to get a quote.



start at $400

Families & couples are so special to me. I am incredibly nostalgic & feel the weight of the days you’re living in. It’s not about posing, smiling or looking put together. Real life is fast, slow, fun & intimate. I believe in photos that showcase every single normal moment.