Print Shop

Yes! You read that right! Through a few conversation & nudges from some friends, I've decided to open a print shop! We travel SO much & see so many beautiful things, it is a shame for some of the photos to live on a hard drive or on a blog post somewhere.
So if you click HERE you will be brought to a landing page, that will then lead you to a shop! It's quick & easy & I'll be adding more photos along the way. You can order in a variety of sizes & they will get sent STRAIGHT to you! 

In addition to that, this month [& maybe longer, we'll see!], all the proceeds from the prints from Puerto Rico will go directly to disaster relief. It has been on my heart for a while to figure out how to donate as much money as possible to that beautiful island. They are still under water & will be without electricity for MONTHS. Now, I know there are lots of other places that are affected & still rebuilding, but this is especially close to home as we were just there in July. I can't do it all, but I can definitely play my part! So buy a print of a pretty beach or some wild flowers, you'll be playing your part too. Read this article to see some organizations that are contributing & their rating based on how effectively they're using the money.

Here are some sneak peaks below!

Click HERE to be lead to the Print Shop! Enjoy!