Emily + Rosemary

In Home Lifestyle Family Photos - Nashville TN


I feel like all I do is post photos from shoots with all my friends, but I can’t help it. I’m thankful I have friends that support me & allow me to get in their face with my camera!
I’ve been friends with Emily since we were kids. We grew up together & both moved away for school & then both ended up marrying Americans & now here we are. We spent a few days with Mason, Emily & Rosemary in Nashville & we basically hibernated in their house & I wasn’t mad about it one bit. It was such a joy to take photos of Em & Rosie around their house one morning. These are the moments I’ll never forget.

ps. Mason & Emily are not only amazing people & friends, but they both own businesses that are AWESOME. Emily has her own clothing line, EMLEE & Mason runs a MidCentury Shop, The Atomic Shop. Check them out!