Kansas City Family Photos - Bender Family


Meet Nick, Damaris, Nimbus [yes, like the clouds] & their new sweet babe, Dane!

I've known Nick & Damaris for almost 4 years, they moved to KC around the same time that we did! They are so great & it was SO beautiful to see them be parents to their little guy! Dane literally slept the entire time. They tried everything to wake him up & finally put him bare butt on the changing table & the cold definitely opened his eyes! They wanted photos that reminded them of the great memories & the hard ones as well. The constant washing of bottles & the difficulty that can come with breastfeeding & I so loved their raw honest approach to these moments!! 
Nimbus on the other hand, was trying to be the star of the show. Sometimes you'll see his little face starting right up at the camera out of the corner of the photo. He was killing me, so funny.