Film Scans in 2018


Here's the thing. This post is 99% for my own personal memory, a place to hold all these photos on the internet & maybe less that 1% for people to care about.
I usually post something like this on our personal page - but I wanted to share it here as inspiration for something different & new.
So. Here are 42 of my favorite photos from our film scans across 4 rolls. Two are disposable cameras [the black & white are solely Nate's photos] & two are a really old film camera with lots of light leaks.

Up first - California in the fall of 2017.

Palm Springs - Salvation Mountain.jpg
SalvationMountain - Palm Springs Vacation.jpg

Up next - some photos of Kansas City [that actually make KC look like a big huge city?] & some from our time in San Fran last fall for a wedding. Also one shot of what seems to be France, but indeed is Las Vegas on our layover home from SF.

Nate bought a black and white Ilford film disposable camera somewhere along our way & I think they were the most excellent photos ever. 10/10 highly suggest. 
Here were some of my faves from our time in LA this past spring

& lastly.. our time in Hawaii. Where I took the most photos & carried three cameras with me at all times. #crazyperson. also one of these cameras was an underwater disposable that we loved messing around with.