Abbie Jolene | Personal Brand Photos


A little backstory - Abbie & I met at a floral workshop last winter & clicked immediately. We stayed in touch [hi instagram thank you] & a few months later I posted about opening up a few Personal Branding sessions & she messaged me immediately. I was SO excited!!! We started making plans & it was so fun to spend the morning together capturing images for her brand.
Abbie runs her own Design & Branding Studio & like most entrepreneurs online in 2019, needed content. Photos play a huge part in a brand, for websites, social content, external advertising & print materials. It was so easy to work with Abbie, as she already had language & goals around her brand, so we just had to bring it to life. We came up with our stories for each aspect of her brand & planned locations, wardrobe & any outside ‘accessories’.
I’m sharing a few of my favorite images that we captured, showing a bit from each story we planned. I won’t go into too much detail about how & why we shot what we did, but I will say we covered a lot of ground & got a LOT of content!