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Ben + Lexi | Kansas Countryside Outdoor Wedding

Documenting a Small Town Autumn Wedding


This wedding was so sweet & special as it was held on the Lexi’s Dads property in the beautiful rolling hills of Kansas. I cried multiple times during their absolutely magical ceremony, filled with love & the absolute best sunset. They made their wedding vows as the sun dipped behind the hills & I was overwhelmed.
The best part of getting to witness so many weddings over the years, is seeing how individual each one is to the couple. This whole day was slow & sweet & filled with so much laughter as they were surrounded by such rich friendships. I loved seeing Ben & Lexi be so attentive to each other & how they just couldn’t stop smiling. It was an absolute JOY to be a part of this day with them!

Venue: Just The Place
Wedding Coordinator: Decemeber Brammer at Soiree Event Designs
Wedding Dress: Watters
Florist: Flowers & Things
Caterer: Taco Republic
Cake: Dillons
Stationary: Minted
DJ: DJ Clyde

The Bauer Event Space - Emotional Urban Wedding

Bobby + Audris | Crossroads Kansas City Wedding


Bobby & Audris had one of my all time favorite weddings. I know that’s a big statement. & I don’t mean to say that I don’t absolutely love all my other weddings, theirs was just slow & sweet & emotional. Everything I love & value. I admire how special their love is & how intentional they were to soak up every little moment with each other. Right before we went out for the first-look, I asked Audris if she was ready to go see her almost-husband & she just looked at me & asked for a hug. Those moments. They are what make this big eventful wedding day special. Beyond that, their portraits are fun, relaxed & all taken while we walked around the Crossroads. We had lots of time & it shows. We got to enjoy every minute, not rush through it.

At the end of the day, my favorite moment was right after their ceremony, just the two of them together in the back hallway. I wanted to bottle that memory up forever. Its the feeling that I hope ALL couples get to feel after they’ve just committed their lives to each other!
Ok that’s all I’ll ramble about. Here are the vendors & of course - the photos.

Venue: The Bauer Event Space
Wedding Dress: Truvelle from Bride KC
Jewelry: Meierotto
Bridal Shoes: Kenneth Cole
Hair: Flock Salon
Makeup: Melise Porter
Florist: Daylight Mind Design
Caterer: Cascones
Cake: HyVee
DJ: Complete Weddings - KEVIN!!

Thank you - as always - to my beautiful couples who trust me to document all their memories from their wedding day. It’s the best ever. xo

Kansas City Winter Wedding | McNeace Wedding

The first time I met Halie I absolutely adored her sweet but confident personality. The first time I really met Marcus was at their first look & I could have cried, he was so sweet to her. 
Their wedding was the perfect mix of class & absolute crazy fun. It was so stress free & even though it was about 12 degrees outside, everyone was keen to run outside & take photos in the beautiful winter light. Even all the vendors were amazing, I had such a good time with every single person that played a part in the day!
All that to say -- the absolute highlight of the entire night was the dance floor. With an incredible live band, the only reason people left the dance floor was to get a drink or rest their feet. It was so fun to watch everyone dancing the night away. 

Space : The Guild
Coordinator : Danielle Suarez
Hair : Faith Manning
Wedding Dress : Bride KC
Florist : Branches & Twigs
Caterer : Blue Pot
Cake & Cookies : The Little Spoon Bakery
Live Band : 2 Proud 2 Beg
Ceremony Music : John Goolsby

Boho Bridal Styled Shoot

I haven't done a styled shoot before & I was pretty jaded towards them honestly. I felt like they were everywhere & brides are being bombarded with images that are created in an environment that isn't possible on an actual wedding day.
That being said, after doing this shoot, I think everything we did is fully possible & totally attainable for a wedding day. AND it speaks to the idea that a wedding doesn't have to be what traditions have told us for so long. Let your girls wear dresses they love in the same color palette. Put a jacket on if it's cold. Let your hair down. Don't make it this big fancy special event that doesn't speak to who you are. Don't have a cake if you don't like cake! Make this fun day about things you love & make you feel HAPPY!!!
rant over - here are some photos of flowers that I LOVE. 

Florals - Elizabeth McKenzie Florals
Hair & Makeup - Bella Marie Artistry
Ribbons - Shy Myrtle

New Zealand Coast Wedding | Ken + Laura

Peryman Wedding - OBB Post-45.jpg

    Ken & Laura's wedding was so unique & such a different experience for Nate & I. 
We met Laura many years ago when we lived in Australia for college. She came to Canada for our wedding & here we are many years later, taking the photos for her wedding day. She met Ken a few years back & together they now live in New Zealand! 
    Their wedding was on the South Coast of the North Island of NZ. It was a beautiful sunny day & it honestly could not have been more magical. They were surrounded by their closest friends & family, overlooking the Bay, which was so clear you could see the South Island on the horizon. 
    One of my favourite stories from the day was how Laura found her dress. She had known for many years that she didn't want a white dress & fell upon a dress while bridesmaids dress shopping for a friends' wedding years prior. With no wedding for herself in sight, she kept it in the back of her mind & hoped one day she'd be able to find it for herself. After she started dating Ken, she remembered the dress & thought to put an alert on eBay for it, juuuuust in case. Well before they were engaged, she got a notification that one went up for sale. It was her size & she only had to have part of the neckline altered. If that isn't meant to be.. I don't know what is! 

Enjoy their day. Adventure Time Themed, but still as classy as ever.

Northern California Wedding | Cody + Esther

Cody & Esther got married two hours north of San Fransisco in the middle of the forest, surrounded by their people. Nothing gets me more than this. Intimate moments planned around family & memories. We got up early & spent the first half of the day getting ready & taking their portraits. We came back home & changed, made lunch, played games, set up the tables. It was so hot out. So HOT. But we survived. The ceremony was up on the back of the property, just as the sun was starting to set. & then dinner was on the back deck area, under the trees. 
It was really one of my favourite weddings, because it was so simple & so focused on the start of their future together, family, good food. It wasn't complicated. & I loved the entire day. 
Meet Cody + Esther Kontny.

The Bauer Kansas City Wedding | Landon + Jess

Landon & Jess are as kind and generous as they come. Right after they got engaged, I met Landon for coffee & talked about shooting their wedding. He was trying to surprise Jess and hire me, which is amazing! The first time I have been hired by a groom & not a bride. & if that isn't the sweetest kindest thing ever, I don't know what is. 
Their wedding was at The Bauer Event Space in Kansas City, which is truly one of my favorite spaces. Their day was perfectly relaxed, full of laughter & completely them. My two favorite moments of the day were their amazing, heartfelt vows & the wedding cake, made by the incredibly talented Molly Anderson. All that to say, it was a memorable day & here are some photos!
Space : The Bauer Event Space
Florals : Elizabeth McKenzie 
Cake : Made by Molly 
DJ : DJ Hydan
Wedding Dress : Belle Vogue

Downtown Houston Wedding | Alden + Ivonne

Alden & Ivonne in Houston, Texas at the Mariago Collective, an Art Gallery & Event Space.  

Ivonne was my housemate almost 7 years ago in college. We lived together for 2 years & remain friends to this day. She's passionate, sassy & full of life. Alden is stable, strong & hilarious. Together they are a creative duo & completely smitten with each other. 
Their wedding was completely unique to them, small, surrounded by family, artsy & hello.. there was a taco truck for dinner. Yes. 
Highlights of the day were as follows:
1- the hand painted ceremony backdrop that Ivonne designed & painted herself
2- the way they incorporated family & friends into their celebrations
3- their incredible class & the way they stayed present & true to themselves every single moment of the day.

Kansas City Backyard Wedding | Andrew + Alicia

Backyard Kansas City Wedding _ Ali Happer Photo_.jpg

Andrew & Alicia had a beautiful wedding day, completely true to themselves. A beautiful ceremony at St. Francis Xavier Parish & a reception in Andrew's parents backyard in Kansas City, MO. There is nothing more intimate than being surrounded by close family in your backyard. They had their best friends standing beside them & we went to Harry's Country Club in the River Market for a drink & a break in the middle of the day. That's my kind of wedding day.
The reception was catered by a close family friend & the night ended under the stars & the globe lights. It was one of the most memorable weddings I've been to in a long time. 

Thank you Andrew & Alicia for trusting us to come alongside you on your wedding day.



Northern Minnesota Fall Wedding | Tim + Maria

We loved shooting this wedding for Tim & Maria in Northern Minnesota. There's nothing better than a wedding that truly represents the couple. A day of celebration, surrounded by family, traditions & doing things that make YOU happy. I love a couple that isn't worried about timelines or the 'right way' to do things, they just do.. THEM.
That's a wedding I love. & this wedding was just that. 
Meet the Dahns