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Blake + Shalana

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River Market Lovers Portraits - Kansas City

Do you know what my ideal date night is? It was what I did with Blake & Shalana [hiiiii third wheel!!] We walked by the river, sat on the bench where they first started dating & then we all went to get ice cream. It was a beautiful evening & the sun was absolute magic peaking through the trees. I love taking photos when it feels like I get to just hang out with friends who let me take their photos.

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Lance Flores - New Studio Portraits

My friend Lance recently got a new studio in the Crossroads & I got to take some photos of him before he moved in. He is such a creative genius, so it was fun to be able to capture him in front of the camera. I also love being able to take photos with no rules, it's so freeing & is such a good push. It reminds me why I love taking photos & inspires me to throw more of myself into my shoots!!