Passion, Kansas City & The Royals

A couple of weeks ago, Kansas City changed. It started when the Royals did something that no one thought they could do. They won the wild card game & entered into the ALCS Series, with a city behind them. They went on to continue winning, continue surprising our city & continue to make us fall more in love with them. 

They played hard & swept Baltimore, entering into the World Series against the San Francisco Giants. We cheered. We watched all the games & as a city, we fell more in love with each of those boys. Not just because they were winning, but because they were giving back to Kansas City. They gave away tickets to fans, they picked up the bar tab to cover over $15,000 worth of celebratory drinks, they became on of us. They really just loved us for loving them.

Last week Nate & two of his friends Spencer & Zane had this brilliant idea to make a video to get people excited for Game 7 of the World Series. They posted it online & it blew up. 

That night we went out to watch the game & although they lost, we picked ourselves back up & thanked them for a great season. As we drove home from the end of the game, Nate thanked me for watching all the games & supporting him as he cheered for a team he loved. We talked about how just a couple weeks ago I knew nothing about baseball & had only been to two games in my life. I told him I loved watching the games with him, because whenever we watched, the fans were so passionate. Everyone in this city said nothing but great things about the players, they wore their shirts & hats & jersey’s because every one in this city wanted them to win. Everyone in this city showed their passion. 

I always talk about how I love being around passionate people. I love hearing them talk & share their joy with me & most of all teaching me about their passion. Now, imagine that multiplied by hundreds of thousands of people. Imagine everywhere you go, you know you have something in common with the people around you. They may not love baseball, but at least they love Kansas City. People were excited about being from Kansas City. There was a sense of unity everywhere you went & a collective joy for having a winning team [especially one that hadn't won since '85!].

So thank you Royals. Thank you Kansas City. & most of all, thank you people of Kansas City. 

I really really think you’re incredible. [& I hope you enjoy this video!]

credits : 
Creative Direction - Nathan Happer
Director and Editor - Spencer Tetik (
Composer - Zane Callister (
All footage courtesy of Major League Baseball, The Kansas City Royals and Fox and TBS Broadcasting.

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