San Diego Vacation & Travel Guide

Here's the thing about San Diego.
I enjoyed it, but I'm not dying to go back. I felt very disjointed from the people there & couldn't quite place my finger on the culture of the city. Which is something that I really value when we travel. Were there some cool shops & pretty beaches & did I have fun? Yes. But I happily checked it off my list & don't care if I ever go back. #sorrynotsorry

First off. We took the train from Anaheim [where we were for work] to San Diego. 10/10 recommend. Very enjoyable. We upgraded to business class & got a snack back & a drink for $12. We went right along the coast & it was beautiful. 
We stayed in Ocean Beach in this Airbnb & although it was cozy, it was the perfect home base for us & our friends!

Communal Coffee was my favorite place in San Diego. Actually, it was probably a tie with Pigment, but Communal had.. coffee.. & flowers... so.. it wins.
 I really just wanted to take 10000 photos & buy every single thing they had. So that's why it wins. It also had yummy snacks & couldn't make me a caprese because one of the girls had just 'run down the street' to buy more tomatoes & that kinda stuff just makes me happy?? moving on..

Pigment was more of an experience. The little sections of the shop, divided up my color & concept was incredibly inspiring & I spent way too long looking at all the little details. Then I found the photo booth area & we took probably 15 photos there. I only posted a few because I don't need to punish you with any more...but it was one of those stores that if I had it in my city, I'd be there once a week for gifts. So beautiful, so inspiring.
& then we went around the corner to Aloha Beach Club because Nate loves that place & he happily bought a few shirts. We also got donuts at Nomad & looked into the window of Holy Matcha, but didn't have time to get anything [it was made for the sole purpose of Instagram].

Some of our other favorite stops were The Crack ShackJames Coffee Co [the Little Italy location] & Underbelly [the North Park Location].
Later that night we went to Ocean Beach for sunset. We sat on an outdoor patio & had a drink & then walked down to the water & along the pier for sunset. It was so perfect. Lauren took some nice [and also some very real] photos of Nate & I. The last one just shows how much Nate loves when I am being very cool. :| 

Watching surfers from the pier is one of the most relaxing things I do in life. & I do not live by the ocean, so that shows how often I'm very relaxed. kidding. sort of. 
But really, standing on that pier in total silence, watching the surfers & the sun go down is one of my favourite memories from San Diego.