Palm Springs Vacation

Man. Palm Springs touched my heart. I know that sounds deep or extreme or whatever, but I loved it so so much. This blog post is more of a collection of memories & portraits than a 'How to see Palm Springs Travel Guide' which is okay with me. I can definitely give recommendations, but in this post you will get 1-to-3 of those :) 

I was so looking forward to driving from San Diego to Palm Springs & stopping at Salvation Mountain. It was definitely one of the most bizarre trips to experience, you drive through some weird towns & see a whole lot of nowhere to get there. It's not a destination. It hasn't become commercialized. It's made of dirt. That's what to expect. But it's stunning & beautiful & so peaceful. Highly recommend.  
I also wish we had time to stop somewhere & enjoy the Salton Sea, it was so beautiful to drive along, but we only had a day in a half in Palm Springs & I was not wasting a single moment!

We spent our time in Palm Springs at the Ace Hotel which we both loved. It is really a great place to stay [or just spend the day at the pool & enjoy the grounds!!] & it such a unique experience. 

I love taking photos & I love my beautiful friends. Here are some photos of my beautiful friends.

We ate food twice at the hotel & honestly, neither times met our expectations. The Kings Highway breakfast spot is beautiful, but we didn't love the food! That's okay though because there are 100 other options in town that we loved!

But the pool area is incredibly iconic [can I use the word iconic if it's only been there less than 10 years? I just did..] & relaxing and THE MOUNTAINS. I mean. I could live there forever.

We had SO MANY intentions to rent scooters or bikes or anything that wasn't our car, but it did not work out in our favor. Palm Springs has lots of rules about things happening past dusk & not riding scooters or bikes is one of those rules. So we drove around the neighborhoods & looked at the doors & the cactus' & the houses & fell in love. I did my research & followed the map from The Salty Canary including the ever famous 'Pink Door' & we were happy. 

ps. does anyone else go on vacation & feel so good about the amount of photos they take & think things like 'we drove around for 30 minutes & looked at all the doors!!' & then come home & realize they took 1 photo of 1 door? the balance of living life & documenting life is something I struggle with SO MUCH.

more photos of my beautiful friend Lauren. she is my person & she is also a total babe. 

After the doors we drove out into the nowhere land that surrounds Palm Springs & enjoyed the last bit of sun & took some photos [duhhhhhh]. 

& then again, my lovely friend Lauren snapped some photos of us. She's good & I'm glad she knows how to use a camera. & of course we took some good old fashioned selfies.

Is it even worth writing this little blurb about what photos are coming next? 
It's not. 
So I won't.