Iowa Roadtrip - 24 hours in Des Moines

Kansas City is pretty close in proximity to a lot of major cities. We're 8 hours from places like Denver, Chicago, Nashville, Minneapolis, & Dallas. It's pretty amazing [& something I wish we took advantage of more!]. Besides that, we have smaller cities within our reach & when our friends invited us to their wedding just outside of Des Moines, I was super excited to stop for an afternoon in the city & see what it has to offer! We traveled with our good friend Lance & he took some photos of Nate & I in an alleyway on our way to get coffee. 

First stop. Horizon Line Coffee. We found this shop on instagram & after chatting to them for a bit we found out they had only opened a few days before. That is a coffee shop finding miracle. We loved getting to know them & LOVED their coffee. They made a drink for us that was a shot of espresso in sparkling water & I've been thinking about it ever since. Go see them.

Next up, St. Kilda. I cannot say enough good things about this place. Just go. Australians know how to do cafes & this one is no different. We ordered our coffee first & drank it outside while we waited for a table. Eat all the food & drink all the coffee & say hi to the owner, Alex.

The rest of our time there was walking around, taking photos, enjoying the nice weather.
*photos of Nate & I taken by Lance*