When I visit my family in Southern Ontario in the Summer

Nate & I try to always go up to Canada for a few weeks in the summer to be with my family. It's always incredibly busy, but we've been more intentional to not just fill our time with seeing people, but with making memories with my parents & my sister & her husband. This summer we went up for my Grandfathers funeral but ended the trip with some great memories. We spent Canada day on the water on a friends boat & then we drove up to Georgian Bay to spend a few days in Tobermory. We 'glamped', which is something I hadn't done with my family before! New memories.

Nate & I always try to squeeze in a day or two in Toronto, because we LOVE that city!!! We stayed close to Queen St. & found a cute restaurant called Oretta to share a pizza before the dinner rush. We also got steamed buns, ice cream & coffee twice. We try to go to as many delicious places as possible, so we spread our eating out & share a lot of meals. 
The last few photos are Nate's, he loves cities because of all the people & their style & there is a lot of that in Toronto. My fave is the guy who totally spots him snapping a pic & turns around to give the peace sign. My second fave is the guy in blades with a hockey stick. I want to frame it & say #CANADA over the top. Speaks to my soul.

On our way home from the city we stopped at the Scarborough Bluffs, which was partially flooded from all the rain in the city, but it was still beautiful. We had plans to take some photos in the area, but instead we randomly bumped into a friend from when I was in high school, & we chatted with him for over an hour. #worthit. He makes great videos & has an awesome youtube channel.  

Next we stopped to visit my sister on our way up to Tobermory. She lives in Wasaga Beach & our tradition when we go is to ride bikes to the beach. Which I love on a deep soul level. [ps. most of these photos are iphone pics! except the last two of reva & josh at the beach.]
[pps. that's taco, my sisters kitty in the first photo. he recently passed & I was so glad I got to see him this summer. he was the absolute best kitty in the universe & I'm not a cat person!]

I think I've reached my max in photos allowed in any normal humans blog post -- so I'll post the rest of our trip in part II. I write all of this down & share it so I can walk down memory lane every once in a while. Trying to get better at that!