When we went to London to see an NFL game. Part I

Nate & I went to England with his parents in November of 2015. & just like every other family vacation & all the other personal trips we take, I never touch the photos. So. Here they are. 
We went because every year the NFL hosts a game in London & my father-in-law has had season tickets to the Kansas City Chiefs for one zillion years. So we went together to watch the Chiefs play the Detroit Lions. The beautiful thing was that all the British people just come to watch football [instead of fans coming to watch their specific team] so they just wear any jersey they have. 

Anyways, starting off we spent some time in London, walked around Borough Market & by the river. Our luggage got left in a rain storm in Houston, so Nate & I hit Zara spent the day with his parents in the city.  

The next day we drove South to Brighton, which I really loved. It was the most quintessential British coastal town.

We ate good food, walked along the Brighton Pier & then Nate & I went up in the Ferris Wheel over the water at sunset. It was so magical, the colors in the sky by the water were so sweet.

That night we drove up the coast to Dover. This was one of the places I had wanted to go the most, and I was really glad we made it. We got up super early in the morning & drove up to the Cliffs of Dover & I LOVED it. Being there so early was really quiet, it was just us & the donkeys. ha! *still too many photos of nate & I* 

From there we made our way back to London, but made a stop in Canterbury. We got coffee & breakfast at a cute little shop & then walked through the main street to see the shops & get some exercise. Nate's parents went through one of the Cathedrals, it was beautiful.