Winter Holidays in Ottawa Canada

Nate & I both love going to see my family in the winter because we both love the snow!! I love it because it's magical. Nate loves it because he likes outdoor activities in the snow.
This year we spent a day in Ottawa before we met my family. Mostly because I wanted to take photos of Hadassah, but also because we don't usually get to spend time in the city! We stayed at the Andaz & LOVED our experience. They we're so good to us & gave us a complimentary drink upon check-in! The room was so beautiful & it's right in the Byward Market, so we walked to dinner & to some shops & to get coffee the next morning. It was such a nice little treat before the holidays!

We spent Christmas with my extended family at their cottage just on the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, which we love. It's so beautiful & there was nothing to do but play outside & play games by the fire.  I also love snow on green trees, a LOT. Fair warning. But first - lots of ice skating.

& a really good afternoon of snow shoeing! Which I haven't done in years, it is an insane work out.

After Christmas we spent a few days at my Grandma's house & I love the photos I took there, just everyday normal moments, but ones that I want to remember. My parents first thing in the morning, reading the paper & drinking coffee, my sister caught in the reflection as I was coming in through the back door & my grandma making coffee in the morning light.