Where to stay in Joshua Tree & Joshua Tree National Park

Girls Weekend Road Trip - Las Vegas to Joshua Tree Pt II

We arrived at our Airbnb outside of Joshua Tree [we technically stayed in Twentynine Palms] just before dinner & although it was quite the trip down the sandy road, we freaking loved our house. We had booked it sort of last minute, but man was it a gem. We made dinner & sat out on the back patio area until we went to sleep. It was so serene & peaceful out there. Absolute magic.
ps. if you haven’t read part one of this little series, you can read it here.

The next morning we were up fairly early [hello change of time zone] & we made a quick breakfast before heading into Joshua Tree National Park. We wanted to get a early start to the day to hopefully beat the heat, but it was about 10-15 degrees cooler in the park, which was so nice! We entered by the Oasis Visitors Center & exited into Joshua Tree. We hiked a few different spots, but our favourites were Arch Rock, Skull Rock, Split Rock & Keys View [which is absolutely not a hike ha!]. We spent about 4.5 hours in the park & we were starving by the time we finished. We got lunch in town [Natural Sisters - soooo yummy!] & walked through the weekend farmers market & went back home for a nap.

Honestly - a lot of our exploring revolved around driving down the road, getting out & walking around & then repeating. We only kind of knew what we were doing, but we had so much fun. I couldn’t believe the textures of the rocks, the little crevices we could squeeze through & how quiet the entire park was! We had some funny stories of trying to climb up higher than each other or mastering the art of being super athletic. ha!

Like I mentioned above - Keys View. It was literally a parking lot with a walking trail about 5 meters up to the top of the ‘mountain’. We could not hold it together, laughing at how absurd this ‘hike’ was. But once we got to the top… yeah. Beautiful. You could see the Salton Sea & a mountain in Mexico, so I was pretty amazed. Here are some very serious photos of us taking in the views.

Ok these photos are here for my own personal enjoyment. We were making jokes about how super cool our KIA was & how trendy we were riding around in it. So, of course we took the most absurd photos because it was hella tight. Nothing is sacred.

Later that night we went back to the park to see the Cholla Garden at sunset & it was so stunning & serene.. more on that next!