What to do off The Strip in Las Vegas

Girls Weekend RoadTrip - Las Vegas to Joshua Tree Part I

We planned a trip out west to celebrate Olivia’s birthday & like any trip, there were changes of plans, delayed flights & lots of hurry up & wait. But here was the plan. We flew into Las Vegas to spend one night & wake up early the next morning to head toward Joshua Tree. We planned to spend the weekend in Joshua Tree & fly home Monday evening. & that is what we did.

Day one, Olivia & I landed in Vegas as the sun was rising [yes. rising.] & took an Uber to Toast Society, which is about 15 minutes off the strip. We arrived before they opened [se again: ‘landed as the sun was rising’] & sat outside in the sun. Honestly - worth the wait. We chatted with the girls working & they gave us some great recommendations. We each got a toast, split them in half & enjoyed every single last bite. HIGHLY recommend & worth the conversation you’ll have with your Uber driver asking ‘why are you going all the way out here??’. Because yes, we had that convo twice.

Liv & I spent the day waiting for Vick, who was very stuck in New York. But she made it. We raged so hard, we postmates’d [not a word.] Shake Shack to our hotel & fell asleep by 10.30. Woooo. We stayed at the Delano, but honestly it was such a terrible experience & so far away from everything that it is not even worth one single mention.
So! We got up the next morning & started our journey. We drove about 30 minutes outside of LV & stopped at the Seven Magic Mountains. Now - we didn’t know what to expect, but what we experienced was a LOT of people taking a quick selfie & then moving on. When we arrived there were so. many. people. but we just waited it out & they dispersed a little & we ran to get photos. & we repeated that cycle about 4 times. Because yes, they are beautiful, magical rocks…here’s a thousand photos to prove how beautiful they are.

Seven Magic Mountains - What to Do Las Vegas.jpg
20180914_Seven Magic Mountains - Las Vegas_6.jpg
Las Vegas off the Strip - Seven Magic Mountains - Ali Happer Photo.jpg
See Las Vegas_Seven Magic Mountains_AliHapperPhoto.jpg

We are available for hire & yes, we all only wear white tops & black bottoms.

But really, it was such a great start to our trip & made the rest of the journey a breeze. More photos to come!