A Weekend in Newport Beach - What to Do

Nate & I were in the OC area a few weeks ago with our friend Olivia who produced the shoot we were on & while we were there we spent our spare time in coffee shops, cute neighborhoods & eating food. Its the common theme in our travels, find the best food, eat at as many of them as possible. Repeat.

The first place we checked out was Common Room Roasters! We loved it because plants & good coffee. 

Some of our other faves are pictured below & are in order as follows, Neat Coffee, Kit, Pressed Juicery Freeze, Sidecar Donuts & Daydream Surf Shop.
I would HIGHLY suggest all of these spots, but without a shadow of a doubt, Sidecar Donuts was absolutely a unexpected fave of ours. Nate & I are NOT sweets people, it's never our first choice, but we heard they were good & were out with friends who wanted them. I COULD HAVE EATEN 10. They are the perfect amount of sweetness & the FLAVOURS. I mean. I could continue talking about them, but just know - if you're planning on traveling to anywhere in California, make Sidecar a stop. Also - iphone photos because sometimes that's all you have. :) 

There were a million more places I would have loved to go & see, it's never ending. But these were absolutely our faves & honestly, great spots!