Family Vacation - Oahu Part III

Waimea Bay

Our favourite parts of North Shore were Waimea Bay & Haleiwa. We went to Waimea Bay two days & honestly could have spent all day everyday there. It was such a great beach & everyone got what they wanted out of it - surfing, swimming, lounging & it's pretty close to town. WE. LOVED. IT. that's all. 
Side note - Nate & I jumped off this rock one day while we were there & it was AMAZING. I've never jumped off anything before but I've always wanted to!!

20180422_Visit Hawaii_WaimeaBay_28.jpg
Travel Hawaii_Waimea Bay_8.jpg
Visit Hawaii_Oahu_Guide to Waimea Bay_7.jpg

The house that we stayed in for the week had boogie boards & I am SO glad they did! We had such a fun time on them in the waves & on our last evening there my parents literally would not get out of the water. Did I say already that it was so much fun?? It was so much fun.
Basically everyday it rained for some portion of the day - so when we were on the beach we either hid under the umbrella or made sure we were in the water before it started! The rain was COLD & windy. But we tried to make the most of it!

& now here are some gifs of my brother in law sandboarding into the river.