Where We Stay + Eat Miami | Part I

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Eat - Stay - Drink - Do - MIAMI & South Beach City Guide

Miami is one of our favorite cities to travel to for a few reasons. When we first got married we lived about an hour north, so it was our day off destination & getaway from the suburbs. We made a lot of memories there, as we maneuvered our first year of marriage & really began to understand what we value about 'home'. Secondly, it seems that we make our way back to South Florida about once a year, so we have our list of favorite spots & always love trying out new places.

Over time - we have found one amazing hotel in particular that we LOVE. The Confidante. It's a Hyatt hotel, but within their boutique collection. It has an amazing pool [& family pool!!], beach access, a restaurant, free weekend fitness classes on the roof & so much more. 

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I don't usually bring my camera when we go out to restaurants, but I had high expectations for this one. Planta is a Toronto based Restaurant that's totally vegan. The best part about it was that they grow almost all of their vegetables on the roof of their restaurant! There was even a root hanging down into the restaurant [you can see it in the top of one of the photos!]. I freaking loved it. Now I know most people are going to completely write this place off because it's vegan, but I promise, it was delicious! Nate loved it too & that boy loves meat. We all went in & shared a few plates & were not disappointed at all.

Last place that we ate at & felt like it would be a great option for a large group, is Wynwood Yard.  It's an area in Wynwood with rotating food truck options & lots of seating! It was fun, but when we went it was HOT & there was a lot of seating in the sun. It absolutely would be better later in the evening for drinks & the vibe definitely is a bit more exciting!

LASTLY! This is not a stay or an eat, it is a DO & I have to share it. These are only iphone photos because we were out on the water, but if you can, rent paddle-boards or kayaks! We rented through South Beach Kayak & loved our experience.
- arrive about 15 minutes early so you can fill out your form & sign the waiver.
-don't bring anything. They have tiny lockers where they will hold your items, but it's mostly for shoes, phones & wallets. their shop is not big. It is one single room & there are a lot of renters.
-you will not be able to wear your shoes/clothes down to the water & then take them off - you will walk across the street in your bathing suit & barefoot. If you're nice they might let you walk over in shoes & bring them back to their shop for you ;)
-you can rent a little waterproof box for your phone for $10 [which we did!] 
-be nice to them. they KNOW what they're doing & although you might feel like an idiot when they're explaining things to you...just know they know best & have your best in mind.
-it might be windy! paddle-boarding in wind is hard. take a kayak instead.
-your arms will feel like they are limp noodles. keep going, it's worth it.
-lastly, be OK TO FALL OFF! it's fun & helps not be so boiling hot on the water.