What to do in Joshua Tree & On the road back to Las Vegas

Girls Weekend Road Trip - Las Vegas to Joshua Tree Part III

Ok. Let me just start by saying there will be a lot of photos in this post [hahahah as if thats different from any other]. Also - if you haven’t read part one & two, go read them now.
Great. So, besides this helping to be guide for you if you’re planning a trip to Joshua Tree soon - this is a journal entry, holding some of my favourite memories of this trip. That being said, at least they’re not crappy photos?
OK! The Cholla Garden! We planned this around sunset & of course arrived late because #girls & because its down further into the valley, so the sun was behind the mountain. DIDN’T STOP US. No way. We were absolutely captivated by the insanely quick change of scenery & how concentrated they cactus’ were! Lots of rules about staying on the path & stuff, but we risked our lives & went off the path. Only a few casualties.

Once the sun had gone down, the sky started changing & the gradient along the horizon was.. UNLIKE ANYTHING I’VE EVER SEEN. Here aRE SoME* mOrE pIcS~

We spent the next day popping around the town of Joshua Tree & decided to drive down to Palm Springs. Joshua Tree has a few cute vintage shops on the main strip, we just stopped at the ones that looked enticing. Generally the town is MUCH more granola that I imagined. I definitely thought it would be #trendy #cute #instagramworthy & I was pleasantly surprised that it was true to the locals. Speaking of locals - we met a few & in one of the vintage shops I ended up in a conversation about life with a lady for at LEAST 40 minutes. This is no exaggeration. It was so enjoyable & perfectly weird.
OK! The trip to Palm Springs is through the mountains & I could have cried at the views. I’d been to Palm Springs before, so it was nice to be back. We didn’t really do much but eat some delicious Poke [which is quite ironic] & walk through Ace Hotel. On our drive back home we stopped at the CUTEST Cactus Mart & debated best travel practices for transporting tiny cactus’ home.

We spent our last night making tacos, drinking wine & sitting on the back patio watching the sun set. It is eerily quiet & we were all super into it. After the sun dropped behind the horizon, we wandered down the ‘road’ with our wine & had a moment together. We all talked about our year & made some promises to ourselves & symbolically threw rocks into the desert to let go of people & moments we wanted to leave behind. It’s quite healing, you should try it.

The last morning, Liv & Vick got up to watch the sunrise & after we ate breakfast, we started the drive back to Las Vegas. I really think there is something so special about the desert landscape, it’s so simple, but man its beautiful.
We stopped at a side of the road, seemingly deserted, gas station/motel, right near the Mojave Trails Monument & it was really interesting. We were also recommended, by a park ranger, to stop at the Kelso Sand Dunes, but didn’t have time!

That’s pretty much it! We made it back to Las Vegas in time to hit up In-N-Out before our flight & it was as delicious as always.
Lastly - here’s a little video I made of our trip, using the app Spark. It’s fun & easy to capture spontaneous moments & see them all cut together.