Honolulu - Where we ate food & drank coffee

Best Food & Coffee in Waikiki

Obviously we haven't been EVERYwhere in Waikiki, and there were a lot of places on our list that we didn't make it to. But our favorites are all listed here & we LOVE them. Lots of them we've been to MULTIPLE times & some of them were new on this trip!
Starting off is Olive & Oliver. It's in the lobby of the Surfjack Hotel & it is both a shop with curated goods as well as a coffee shop. Highly recommend! 

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Our second stop was Arvo & we went there three different times on our trip. :) Yummy toasts, great coffee, GREAT vibes & of course, a beautiful floral shop ALL IN ONE. 
It's a drive from Waikiki, we took an Uber & it cost us about $15, but the neighborhood it's in is great! Lots of shops around & a great camera store that we bought a new camera from!

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If you've ever heard Nate or I talk about Hawaii, you've heard us talk about Bills. We've been an embarrassing amount of times in Hawaii & also in London. You can't eat bad food there. & their Waikiki Location is so beautiful. We went twice this trip [we have problems..] & our favourite order was the calamari. 

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Last but very not least, I mentioned the Hideout in my post about our stay at the Laylow. We had one nice family dinner together & it was at the Hideout. Their patio is the most perfect ever & I could have lived there the entire trip & been perfectly content.

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Some other places we wantd to try but didn't get a chance to were Marukame Udon,  Morning Glass Coffee, Mahina & Sons